NHPO Katy Means Business


In just over a year NHPO Katy, the Katy chapter of the National Hispanic Professional Organization has grown to over 200 members with nearly half of those being listed as “Business Members”.



NHPO Katy is dedicated to supporting local professionals, businesses, community and arts through awareness, volunteer support and fundraising efforts.

NHPO Katy will host monthly professional networking events on the last Thursday of every month. Each event will benefit a Katy area nonprofit organization.

Every Wednesday at 8am we meet at Bullritos Katy for networking, discussions and business/professional development.

As NHPO Katy grows, we are continuously seeking professionals to join our team as board committee members and volunteers to participate in civic activities.

The Ladies of NHPO Katy will serve as a great way to connect and engage. Some of the activities planned are book clubs, artistic activities and empowerment seminars for professional women of the Katy area.

NHPO Katy members will receive resources and tools to enhance their professional career through events, partnerships and other opportunities.

NHPO Katy is dedicated to community involvement and family. These will be sponsored events designed to show appreciation to our members and to benefit local organizations.